Unfortunately, even with professional, careful movers, damages do occur. We would like to continue our relationship with you by providing a quick, fair response to your claim. 


The Department of Transportation, in 49 CFR 375.213, requires that each household goods carrier must furnish to each of the prospective individual customers a written description of the customer and inquiry handling procedure established and maintenance by the carrier.

Claim Process

Please contact our Claim Department as soon as possible to request a claim form . Claims MUST be filed in writing (or electronically) within 30 days of your move date. Once you submit this form and all the relevant attachments to support your claim, our manager will contact you to discuss your claim. In most cases, we can repair items/walls to your satisfaction. When we cannot; we pay $.60/pound per item damaged.

All complaints or claims are handled as described in the moving services agreement. We allow a claim to be filed once only.

You may call our office at 855-768-8316 (toll-free) on Monday- Friday between 9am- 6pm, Saturday-Sunday between 10am- 3pm, or communicate in writing directly with the Route 1 Movers headquarters office at the address shown below. If you choose this option, we ask that you provide us with a photocopy of your communication, either by mail or by fax. Be sure to always include your Customer Order Number.

Please direct your written and facsimile communication to:

Route 1 Movers

Attention: Claim Department

P.O Box 5304

Woodbridge, VA 22194

Toll-Free: 855-768-8316

Phone: 703-596-9694

Fax: 703-596-0021

Email: info@route1movers.com


Arbitration Program:

If an agreement cannot be reached between Route 1 Movers and the shipper the arbitration system will be utilized. You can learn more about the “Arbitration Program for Dispute Settlement” we belong to at www.route1movers.com/arbitration-program/