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After You Move

Movers routinely take every precautionary measure to insure that while your household goods shipment is in their possession no items are lost, damaged or destroyed.  However, despite their best efforts, articles are sometimes lost or damaged during the move.  Sometimes disputes arise over the charges that were assessed after your move.

If any of your household goods are damaged or lost, report the facts promptly and in detail on the van driver’s copy (original) of the inventory sheet before you sign it. Then, file your claim in writing with your mover for any loss or damage that occurred or if you wish to dispute the additional charges that applied for your move. If you are unable to get your claim with your mover settled to your satisfaction, you can use arbitration as a means of obtaining a resolution.

For any dispute with your mover regarding loss or damage that occurred to the articles in your shipment, disputed charges, or general complaints about your move, you should first file a claim with your mover.

The Federal Regulations require that your mover offers an arbitration program to assist in resolving disputes about loss and/or damage claims, and disputes involving charges claims in addition to charges collected upon delivery for interstate moves.  The arbitration program was designed as a less expensive alternative for consumers than taking legal recourse as a means to resolve a dispute between you the consumer and your mover.


ATA’s Arbitration Program ensures that our members comply with the federal requirement that they must have a formal arbitration program available to resolve their customers’ disputes regarding loss/damage claims and/or certain types of disputed charges claims. If your mover denies your claim or provides a settlement offer that you are not satisfied with, you may elect to use arbitration to have your claim resolved.


If you have a complaint with your mover regarding shipment delay or the quality of service that you received during your move or another type of complaint that does not fall within the guidelines for arbitration, you should first file a claim with your mover. Then, if your mover denies your claim or provides a settlement offer that you are not satisfied with, you may elect to file your complaint with ATA.


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